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Accounting in the Hong Kong Company

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The required materials:

1. The monthly bank statement and bank slip

2. The sales bill: the invoices, contracts (note: the receipts are available because there is no tax receipt in Hong Kong)

3. The cost bill: the invoices, contracts

4. The expenses bill: clerical cost (such as utilities fee, telephone bill, rental, management fee, office supplies cost and wage)

Operating cost (company registration fee, annual audit fee, advertising fee, freight, express fee, local transportation fee, travel expenses and business entertainment expenses)

5. Other relevant documents: one original regulations, annual declaration form, all information about the changes of the company (if any), the fixed assets bill, documents relating to the investment, the first 3-5 purchases and sales invoice and corresponding bills of receipts and payments in the next year after the accounting.

Our company provides:

1. Design and make invoices, receipts, delivery notes and other vouchers

2. Make accounts monthly, quarterly and annually

3. Prepare the account statements including the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement and notes according to the accounts from your company

4. Calculate the taxable profit or loss

5. Arrange a professional auditor to audit

6. Handle the tax assessment from the Tax Bureau and inform your company, make the legal tax arrangement for the next year.