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Agent Service of Accounting of Shenzhen Company

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The agent accounting, accounting agent in Mainland

● Create an account and establish the financial system for a new enterprise;

● Record and handle the accounting books;

● Prepare all sorts of statements such as account statements;

● Make special account and overall budget;

● Prepare and submit the tax return as the tax staff of clients;

● Advise on tax planning for companies and persons. Save the unnecessary tax cost in a legal way;

● Guide clients to purchase and get national and local tax invoices including the special value added tax invoice;

● Assist clients to answer the inquiries from the tax bureau, and handle the tax review and the tax enquiry;

● Assist general taxpayers to recognize the review;

● Prepare and fill the tax return and make national and local tax return for enterprises;

● Assist enterprises to open a tax account;

● Help enterprises make annual inspection on the Certificate of Organization Code;

● Initialize the finance for the new enterprises (start the password and the disc for the national and local tax return, open a tax account, initialize the account);

● Provide agent service to manufacturing enterprises and foreign-trade enterprises for the “tax exemption, tax offset and tax refund” formalities;

● Deliver finance and taxation information and handle the daily phone inquiries.