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The Process of the Agent Service of Accounting

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1.Sign the contract

Accept the trust and sign the contract of the finance outsourcing and agent service of accounting, confirm the service contents and fee.

2.Hand over bills

When the time comes, the client delivers the account bills of the present month to KD International, or KD International arranges a field accountant to go to the designated place of the client and receive the account bills of the present month, and then we will take the preliminary filing for the bills.

For those clients who are new and have not done any accounting, we will help them open the tax account, handle the tax return online and establish the account auditing system;

Prepare the account entry according to the original legal vouchers (refer to purchase and sale invoices, godown entry, material requisition, remittance bills, other financial income and expense bills and relevant economic contracts) provided by the client, make and settle accounts, and prepare account statements.


The accounting accountant will take a further filing for the bills, communicate with the client about the problems in bills in time, audit account, handle the accounts and calculate the tax.

The auditing accountant will audit the outcome of the accounting from the accounting accountant. The audit includes audits on the integrity, legality of bills, correct accounting, legal tax calculating, current accounts and accurate assessments on the hidden peril of the client’s account. After all the accounts are audited and without errors, the auditing accountant will fill and prepare the tax return, tax payment voucher and communicate with the client about the tax. The auditing accountant will make accounts on behalf of the client, handle the tax registration, tax reliefs formalities, general taxpayer registration formalities and approval invoices formalities.

4.Tax return

The tax return clerk will review the tax return which is filled and prepared by the accountant, and then make tax return online.

The tax return clerk will inform the company to pay the tax.

5.Pay a return visit and get feedback

KD International will return the tax bill, financial statements, tax return and reconcile accounts with the cashier, arrange the work for the next month.

KD International will present the problems in writing which are found during the agent of accounting and offer suggestions and advice on improvement to the company. We will feed the latest financial and tax policy and notice back to the client in time.