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The Required Information for the Agent Service of Accounting

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The required information of the agent service of accounting

The information required from the client:

(1) The copy of the business licence, the national and local tax registration certificate, the Certificate of Organization Code;

(2) The copy of the Certificate of Approval for Enterprise with Foreign Trade Rights, the Certificate of Tax Exemption, Tax Offset and Tax Refund Registration, the Customs Registration Certificate;

(3) The copy of the Articles of Association, Capital Verification Report, Assessment Report, Audit Report;

(4) The copy of the Approval Certificates of the basic account and tax-paying account;

(5) The copy of the tax clerk certificate of the national and local tax;

(6) The copy of the general taxpayer certificate or annual inspection certificate;

(7) The copy of the ID cards of the legal representative and the investor;

(8) The latest account and tax information, such as vouchers, account book and statements;

(9) The cash bills (travel fee, business entertainment, employees’ wage, office expenses, rental, communication expense, traffic expense)

(10) The bank bills (withdrawal, transfer of accounts, credit voucher, telegraphic transfer, bank-in slip, loan bill)

(11) The invoices (all invoices issued from 1st - 31st of the present month)

(12) The monthly wage amount, ID card number, gender and name of the employees