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The Materials Required for the Review on the Trademark Rejection

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1. The evidence of the first use of the trademark (for example: the copy of the industrial and commercial business license, the advertising information, the proof of using the trademark on the product);

2. The proof materials of the product on exhibition (for example: photos, the contract of the booth, invoice);

3. The specific proof of tax return (such as tax return invoice);

4. The advertising of the product with this trademark (Such as the contract of the advertisement, the brochure of marketing, photos, the advertisement on media, the invoice of the advertisement, website);

5. The information which can prove the publicity of the trademark in the market, such as the network of service (the registration of the overseas trademark, the business licence of the overseas company, the photo or the agreement of the franchisee, the tax return of the franchisee, attendance of exhibition, the evidence of using the trademark), the market share, the rank in the industry, the industrial honor;

6. The proof of the credit and the donation of the company;

7. Marketing, promotion, brochure, photos, the advertisement on media (including anything with the trademark, such as package, letter paper, leaflet and the company image);

8. The contract of the purchase and sale of the product (with companies at home or overseas), the advertisement contract (the advertisement contract with your company, the exhibition, the outdoor advertisement, package and print expense, the trademark design fee), the contract of the promotion network (such as the fee for the website maintaining, the advertisement on the website), invoices of the purchase and sale with the advertisement (such as invoices attached with the contract, if the invoices are not many, some receipts are acceptable).

You’d better provide the earlier information above and more relevant materials.