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How to Register a Company in Hong Kong?

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Key Points to know for the Registration of Hong Kong Companies:

1. The Establishment Conditions of Hong Kong Companies

A mainland citizen with a passport or ID card or an overseas person who is at least 18 years old is required.

2. The Name Selection of Hong Kong Companies

Hong Kong companies are relatively free to name themselves. Regardless of their registered capital, they are allowed to include the words like international, group, holding, industrial, investment, college, association, foundation research institutes and so on in throe names. Besides, names of certain places can also be contained in the names of companies, such as France, the United States, Italy, Japan, Shanghai and so on. However, Limited Company must be used as the end of their names.

3. The Business Scope of Hong Kong Companies

In principle, the business scope of Hong Kong enterprises is not too restrictive.

4. Requirements for the Shareholders and Directors of Hong Kong Companies

A registered Hong Kong company requires at least one shareholder and director. The shareholders can be legal persons or natural persons. The natural person is at least 18 years old (either a mainland citizen with a passport or ID card or an overseas person).

5. A Legal Secretary for Hong Kong Companies

The Government stipulates that a Hong Kong limited company must have a legal secretary, who must be a local natural or legal person in Hong Kong.

6. Procedures for the Registration of Hong Kong Companies

Firstly, you need to fill in the Hong Kong business registration POA and Agreement, and also pay the deposit. Then, you need to sign the statutory documents and go to government departments to complete the formalities required. At last, you can acquire the entire set of Hong Kong corporate data within 7 working days if you pay the rest of the money.

However, before applying for a Hong Kong company, documents should be prepared completely. The following documents are required:

1. Name of the Registered enterprise (both in Chinese and English or in English);

2. Registered Capital of the enterprise;

3. Identification of the enterprise’s directors and shareholders and their share distribution ratio;

4. A scanned copy or a copy of the ID card of the director and shareholder.

The following documents will be obtained after the successful registration:

1. Hong Kong Enterprise Business Registration Certificate BR;

2. Hong Kong Enterprise Registration Certificate CR;

3. Nine Articles of Hong Kong Enterprises (can be added according to customer needs);

4. A Set of Statutory Documents for the Establishment of Hong Kong Enterprises;

5. Three Seals of Hong Kong Enterprises (steel seal, atomic seal, strip signature seal);

6. One Share Certificate of Hong Kong Enterprises;

7. The Green Leather Record Book of Directors OF Hong Kong Enterprise;

8. A Green Document Box.

If you can’t provide a Hong Kong address, then you can refer to a professional agency.

In the end, we want to remind you that if you are going to conduct investment and commercial activities in the mainland China in the name of a Hong Kong enterprise, the relevant documents of this Hong Kong enterprise must be notarized, which means you must issue a notarized certificate after the notarization of China Appointed Attesting Officers authorized by the Ministry of Justice, and then forward to the Chinese Legal Services (HK) LTD to stamp a transfer seal. Only after the notarization, will the relevant documents have legal significance and be used in mainland China.