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KD INTERNATIONAL,the Primary Agent of HK Company Services

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On July 9th, 2018, KD (HK) INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED was granted Register of Trust or Company Service Provider Licensees, with the license number of TC001379 (refer to the official website)

With several months’ elaborate preparation of tax experts, attorneys and accountants, our company has successfully passed the evaluation and audit by the HK registry and other relevant officials and was finally granted Register of Trust or Company Service Provider Licensees.

It is a kind of affirmation from the HK government to the professional ability of our company. Thanks to the continuous support and cooperation from our clients. We will, as always, provide clients with professional and quality services such as company registrations, annual audits, bank account openings, aiming to help clients operate HK companies in accordance with security and compliance.

According to Chapter 615 of Regulations on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, from June 28th, 2018, it is an offence for any person who operates a trust or service business without a license in HK. The person shall be liable up to a fine of 100,000 HKD and imprisonment for 6 months.HK secretaries without licenses will be withdrawn from the market.

In order to avoid unnecessary risks, KD (HK) INTERNATIONAL strongly recommends you to confirm whether the secretaries hold the licensees before you choose their service. If you already have a secretary service provider, please make sure it holds a license. A company without a license will be investigated by the government, which will not only bring a negative impact on normal business operations but also bear joint and several liability.

As a professional and standard licensed agency, KD (HK) INTERNATIONAL is equipped with an experienced and authorized team. We specialize in providing effective suggestions and practical service solutions, helping you expand your business in a cost-effective way!