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Company Incorporation in UAE -- RAK

Source: Kd International   |  Update: 08/04/2019, 10:38 (UTC+8)  |  Editor: Norman


Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Free Trade Zone Authority has created the system of four unique Free Zone Parks that will suit and serve every investor according to their requirements. The Four Parks concept includes the Business Park, Industrial Park, and Technology Park & Al Ghail Park, offering the offices, equipped warehouses & Land facilities. Each Park caters to the specific business interests and activities of the RAK FTZ investors.


Benefits of establishing business in RAK Free Trade Zone:

1. Absolute tax exemption

2. Full foreign ownership

3. Total capital and profit repatriation

4. Laws and regulations free of any ambiguity

5. Located at a port 95 km from Dubai

6. Easy access to and from the major sea and airports in the UAE

7. Word-class communication facilities

8. Abundant supply of energy

9. Simple and fast procedures for application


Benefits of Setting up Offshore Company in RAK:

1. RAK offshore company allows 100% ownership and zero taxes.

2. RAK offshore company can own shares in local company, free zones company and abroad companies.

3. RAK offshore company are eligible to own real estate properties in UAE and other countries (subject to the approval authority).

4. RAK offshore company is eligible to open multi-currency bank account in Dubai and internationally.

5. RAK offshore company is permitted to conduct registered business anywhere outside UAE.

6. RAK offshore Company can conduct business without having a physical office.

7. In RAK offshore company, all activities are allowed except financial activities like banking and insurance.

8. RAK offshore Company does not have any restrictions on remittance of profits and capital.

9. In RAK offshore Company there is no requirement to deposit the capital amount in the bank.

10. In RAK offshore, single shareholding structure can be possible.

11. In RAK offshore company, the requirement of submission of yearly audit finance are not mandatory.

12. Ship and aircraft ownership are permitted in RAK offshore company (Subject to the approval of authority).

13. Asset protection and copyright and trademark ownership is permitted under RAK offshore Company.

14. RAK offshore company can be fully , partially owned by individual and corporations.