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Company Registration in BVI

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1. Advantages to Register BVI Companies

(1) Low tax rate, little tax control, no profit tax for offshore trade, and simple management for companies;

(2) The BVI companies only need to retain information to reflect that the economic situation, and there is no need for an auditor's report;

(3) The interests of shareholders of BVI company are protected by the government and there is no need to disclose the identity of the beneficiary;

(4) BVI companies can be owned by one person;

(5) BVI companies can open bank accounts around the world;

(6) BVI companies don’t have to submit annual reports or financial statements;

(7) BVI companies don’t have to hold annual meetings of directors or shareholders;

(8) BVI companies are not required to appoint a local resident of the British Virgin Islands as a director;

(9) BVI company's shares can be bought and sold freely.

2.The Requirements to Register BVI Companies:

(1) The registered capital of BVI companies: Standard funds are 50,000 US dollars, which is divided into 50,000 shares, and each share is US$1.

(2) Directors of BVI companies: One or more directors, who may be legal entities or natural persons of any nationality.

(3) Secretary of the Board of Directors of BVI companies: BVI government recommends to appoint a secretary, but not compulsory.

(4) Board meeting of BVI companies: The meeting can be held by directors in any country or they may appoint agents to participate it for them.

(5) The equities of BVI companies: Directors or senior managers of the company may not be shareholders of the company. Only one shareholder over 18 years of age is required, and the personal data of shareholders is not required to be disclosed. However, the shareholders information brochure must be deposited at the company's registered office in BVI. The company may issue registered or unregistered shares.

(6) The registered address of BVI companies: The registered address must be in the British Virgin Islands, and we can provide it.

(7) BVI company seal: BVI companies must have their own company seals, and the the pattern of the seal must be submitted to the company registration office.

(8) Taxation of BVI Corporate : Free taxes on business activities and commercial activities outside the British Virgin Islands.

3.Name Requirements to Register BVI Companies

The company’s name must be ended with “limited company”, such as LIMITED, CORPORATION, INCORPORATE or their abbreviations. However, the company’s name cannot be ended as such words like BANK, TRUST or their similar words in meaning, unless the company obtain relevant licenses in BVI islands.

4.A Full Set of Documents for BVI Companies:

(1) Memorandum of the association --5;

(2) Blank stock--10;

(3) Meeting records--1:

(4) Company atomic signature stamp and metal stamp - 1 for each;

(5) Information documents of the company's shareholders, directors and secretary.