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The Registration Procedure of Shenzhen Companies

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What is the registration procedure of shenzhen companies? There are sorts of different methods on the websites, most of them are just for promotion and casual. So, what is the right procedure of Shenzhen companies registration? Now, KD International will disclose it:

Below is the chart of the registration procedure of Shenzhen companies

1. Prepare the basic information of the company to be registered

2. Submit the information of the digital business licence online

3. Receive the business license in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau

4. Carve the seal

5. Open the bank account of the company

First step: prepare the required information of the forms below

The company name: There should be no English words, numbers or traditional Chinese words in the company name. The best length of the company name is within 10 words.

The registration capital: There is no need for actual capital in position. The minimum capital is 30000. There is no ceiling. Please note that the national policy is unclear, so please try not to write down a too high registration capital in case of any trouble in paying afterwards.

The registration address: There is no requirement for the registration address. The whole process is in the network now, which means the Market Supervision Bureau will conduct a random inspection. All the shareholders and legal person of the inspected company need to register with the lease contract in the Market Supervision Bureau.

Legal person: The person should be a citizen who is above 18 years old without a crime record and not a public functionary.

The shareholder and the equities percentage: The allocation of the equities percentage is based on the contribution on the Regulations.

Supervisor: The supervisor don’t need to be a shareholder of the company, but it cannot be the same person as the legal person. If the company is a sole proprietorship, the supervisor should be another person.

Second step: Submit the materials on the website of the Market Supervision Bureau. Name check: set up registration

This step requires experience in particular. If you has no experience, you may make mistakes because too much information is required to be input. And the information here involves the seal carving and way of accounting afterwards, the wrong information here will cause much trouble in the future and easy rejection. In case of any trouble, you should take it seriously. You’d better leave it to the financial company. Because they can avoid hidden perils and they are free.

Third step: Go and get the business license after receiving the text from the Market Supervision Bureau. Only the legal person or the transactor can receive the business license while others cannot.

Fourth step: Find a standard carving store with the business license to carve the seals: official seal, financial seal and corporate seal. The price of seal carving is visible and unified in Shenzhen.

Fifth step: Tax activation: Many people forget this step after registration, which cause that normal tax return is not available. So their tax will be abnormal. Some financial companies don’t take this step because of insufficient experience and some intend to save labor cost to ignore this step on purpose. Those above are wrong. So the tax activation after seal carving is necessary.

The procedure of the company registration: Above is the right procedure. It is not complicated. The last step is to open the bank account. It must be the legal person who can open the bank account. And he needs to take all the materials of the company, his ID card and the lease contract. The bank will have a field check on the address when opening accounts. An agency is not allowed to open account on behalf of a company in Shenzhen for now.